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CCTV COMES IN 3 DIFFERENT FORMS: Analogue, Digital and I.P (over Ethernet).

A simple system can consist of one camera running through your own TV for viewing purposes only or you can have at the other end of the scale multiple cameras running through multiple DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) or going through a main server to multiple sites.


Most DVR’s can be set up to record in different formats so either giving you a short recording time but better quality pictures or a long recording time but worse quality pictures, motion capture can also be set up. To get round sort recording times, larger DVR hard drives would be needed. (500gb to 1000gb and so on).


Cameras come in various types but the most popular are:


Fixed lens (usually 3.6mm so quite a wide angle)


Vary-focal lens (usually 3.6 to 11mm so can be either wide angle or zoomed in to certain areas)


Vandal proof dome (metal cased camera with built-in LED lights which give a infra-red light thus helping the camera see in very dark conditions)


Body camera (same as dome camera but can be knocked more easily if hit by footballs or stones etc).


Most if not all DVR’s can be put onto the internet so you can see your camera system on either your home PC, laptop or smart phone. To do this you would need broadband (the faster the better) and a router.


Once onto the internet you can view your CCTV from anywhere in the world as long as you remember log on passwords/codes etc. A simple APP can be down loaded for your smart phone viewing.


CCTV systems can be inter linked with intruder alarm systems and monitoring stations so once the Intruder or CCTV system activates the monitoring station can see the images and in turn either warn the intruders away or call the police.

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