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Get valuable protection with quality burglar alarms

Alarms come in 3 different styles: bells only, bells only with speech/text dialler and monitored systems.


Bells only is a simple system used in most domestic properties and small businesses. When the alarm is activated the internal sounders and external bells start ringing. With these systems you are relying on the sounders waking you up or alerting neighbours.


Bells only but with the addition of a built-in speech/text dialler. These systems work in the same way as bells only type but they will also text or phone any 4 (or in some cases more) numbers of your choice. (999 can't be one of them) They also play a message stating which zone has activated.


Monitored systems work in the same way as both of the above but when these alarms activate they send multiple signals through to a 365 days a year 24hrs a day monitoring station. Once the monitoring station have worked out if it’s a false alarm, customer error or a genuine break in they will inform the key holders and the Police.


The most basic is called a digital communicator which uses a standard telephone line to send all it's signals to the monitoring station.  The next would be a GPRS unit which sends signals through a mobile network.  The top of the range units send signals through a telephone line and a mobile network, these are units like Dual-com GPRS or redcare GPRS.  All monitoring units can also be graded in the same way as the actual intruder alarm.


All of the above systems can be installed in any type of property (domestic up to large commercial/industrial).


Most systems nowadays can be either wired or wireless or a mix of the two.


The latest technology in alarms states that all modern alarm systems must be graded and that the grading of equipment must meet the customers and their insurance company’s level of expectation.

Grades can be from 1 to 4, 1 being low risk for very basic systems and 4 being for top of the range systems for places like banks, airports, schools etc. For most, systems Grade 2 is sufficient.


All our alarms are fitted by our team of experienced and fully qualified installers and done to the latest European standards PD6662 + BS8243.


Maintenance contracts can be taken out on either brand new installed systems or takeovers and full upgrades can be offered to bring your system up to the latest standards. Maintenance packages can be offered on all of the various types of work we do. PLEASE ENQUIRE.

"We are delighted with the work carried out and praise you HIGHLY for the precision taken to fit the alarm system without a mess”" - Mr & Mrs Dale, Ilkley

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