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Take control with quality access control systems

Access control is the best way to control who you allow in and out of your commercial property. It allows only those with the right fob or access codes to enter. The ability to control this can be essential for security purposes.


There is a lot more to access control though. Sometimes there may be a need for high security locations/rooms such as a safe room which require special protection as well as preventing the risk of attack.


There are various forms of access control systems. From a basic level PIN keypad to more advanced card systems. The more common form is the PIN system, which allows the user to enter in a given secure code to access the area/room. This type of system simply controls a lock on the door and can usually have up to around 10 user codes per system.


More advanced systems can come with a built-in speech panel or CCTV camera that will allow the user to be heard or seen before being allowed access. This allows staff on the other side to know precisely who they are letting in.


The more advanced form of access control over keypads is a reader type. This will read a key fob or card and allow entrance. These type of systems allow much more user codes to be added, up to around 1000+ per system.


Whatever form of access control system you have, it can and should be connected to any fire alarms you have installed. This is so that if there is a fire, the access control system will be shut off to allow quick exit from the property.

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